The school will be organised online, around three modules and a group project work.
Participation in and completion of the school is equivalent to 5 ECTS. It will be possible to order the certificate of participation during the registration

Module 1: Material Criticality: identification and mitigation
Participants will be able to:
* Understand the role of CRM for transition towards Sustainable Development
* Identify the principal factors influencing material criticality
* Analyse the results of criticality assessments considering the limitations of existing methods
* Identify/Analyse the principal strategies to mitigate material criticality

Module 2: Circular product design for material criticality mitigation
Participants will be able to:
* Understand principles and strategies of Circular Economy (and Sustainable development)
* Understand the role of Circular Economy in mitigation of material criticality
* Understand the principles of/ strategies for circular product design
* Analyse limitations/problems associated with critical materials in product design

Module 3: Circular business model for material criticality mitigation
Participants will be able to:
* Understand the key elements of business model
* Understand economic factors for material circularity
* Evaluate different business model strategies for material circularity
* Appraise opportunities of these models for management of critical materials

Module 4: Circular SC design for material criticality mitigation
Participants will be able to:
* Understand global resource supply chain structure and challenges associated with material criticality
* Analyse opportunities, challenges, and trade-offs for development of closed-loop/reversed supply chain for critical materials

Project work
Participants will be able to:
* Apply the Circular Economy principles and strategies at product and SC level for mitigation of material criticality

In addition, the participants will receive a set of materials (videos) for individual examination before the start of the school (about 3h of the workload).

The school will be held online. The school will start at 9am on Monday September 6th and should finish by 4pm on Friday September 10th (CEST). The tentative school programme outline could be found below.


*The programme can be subject to (minor) changes. 


Lecturers and project tutors confirmed so far:
* David Peck, TU Delft (NL)
* Yulia Lapko, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
* Paolo Trucco, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
* Alessandra Hool, ESM Foundation (CH)
* Dieuwertje Schrijvers, WeLOOP (FR)
* Alessio Franconi, Brunel University London (UK)